Remote Assistance Service
Global Staffing for Global Success
Who We Are?
We are your best Virtual Assistant. We are ready to lift your workloads by being reliable, cost-effective and efficient. With dedicated and professional service, we can perform various tasks with highest quality.

What is Virtual Assistant?
Virtual Assistance will be your perfect solution for your day to day business operations that is taking most of your time. Let your VA handles most of it and focus more on your core activities.

Hire Your VA Now!
Hire your VA now and make the first step to free your time from tedious tasks yet essential for your business. Still thinking how it works? Contact us now and avail our free three day trial to test our service.

Effective and Reliable Virtual Assistant

Remote Assistance Service is proud to partner in reaching your business and professional goals in a thoroughly efficient and cost-effective manner. Our Remote Assistant Service Virtual Assistants are dedicated, energetic professionals who are strategically partnered with our clients for optimum effectiveness. Utilize the power and pride of our work force to maximize your global team. Lighten your work load without spending your profits on expensive office space, equipment and manpower with Remote Assistant Service. “Global staffing for global success”.

Virtual Services You Can Afford

One way of gaining profitably for your business is to outsource your office management and administration requirements. Remote assistance will allow you to save on maintenance cost, center on more important and significant functions, and conserve valuable time and energy for other matters. Avoiding the trouble of extra office space, unnecessary equipment and provisions will also be given to you by availing our services. You will only pay us by the hours we work, saving you from payroll taxes or even insurance costs. Helping you in your routine with administrative tasks while you take care of other matters for your business and making everything more convenient is our aim! 

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